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Evotech Capital is a leading mid-market merchant and investment bank,headquar-tered in San Francisco, with representative offices in St. Louis,  United States and Shanghai, China and London, United Kingdom and partners in 30 countries providing custom-tailored corporate finance, financial advisory and merger & acquisition.  Evotech Capital is a member of the Evotech Group, a diversified company with holdings in high technology, healthcare, hospitality and greentech. 


Founded in 1996, and known for its 1st-To-Market forecast capabilities, they act as a financial one-stop shop to emerging market clients, private and public completing over 300 projects valued over $10 Billion. The company and its principals provide decades of successful operational and investment experience serving major leading industries from high-tech to modern agriculture.  It is the creator of the SMART™ Corporate Process Maturity Model that follows the Carnegie Mellow of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).  In the environmental and water sector specifically, it successfully funded the leading and fastest growing Point-of-Use company in North America during the midst of the financial crisis, a task unsurpassed to this date by similar firms and which earned the company world commendation.

The company and their principals act as trusted advisors to business owners, chief executive management and government in designing, financing and managing industry shaping strategies from turn-around to cross border international expansions. 

The company is most known throughout the market for its deep experience across the USA, Asia and Latin America, its vast intellectual capital to handle complex assignments, and lead entrepreneurial businesses into unexplored markets.  Never one-project-the-same, it has the experience and relationship network to create custom tailored solutions to achieve strategic and financial goals.


August 15, 2014
Evotech Joins Hands with a Shanghai Top 100 Corporation

Teconologico de Monterrey Event on May 2014

May 8, 2014
Press Release - SH Funding Conference 2014

March 13, 2014

The dynamic evolution of stock market integration of 2013

Photovotic Industry Analysis of 2013

July, 2013
Central China Trade and Investment Expo 2013 - Zhengzhou Central China Expo
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March-April, 2013
Suzhou & Anhui Business Bureau Seminar

January 2013

Wenzhou government and business leaders, the “The New Sustainable Growth Model for Wenzhou Enterprises with M&A margins and reduce interest rate burden.”

December 2012
Ruihua and presenting “How to create a sustainable city development growth model. Basilio Chen, Executive Chairman of Evotech Capital, delivers speech at the 350th Anniversary of Zheng Chenggong Conference invoking the leadership of Zheng Chenggong and developing sustainable economic strength for China’s new trend using modern finance methods.

November 2012
Zhongshan government official Zheng Xueying and Sanxiang Mayor, invoking former leader Deng Xiaoping, “Go Forward Never Go Back” and using M&A as a new finance tool. Deng's whose reforms shifted China's development strategy to an emphasis on light industry and export-led growth resulting in China’s ascend to the 2nd largest economy in the world in 2011 as measured by GDP.

October 2012
Capital, releases M&A book “How to achieve high growth and build a multinational company with M&A”.

July 2012
Upscale Hotels in China”, predicting a major trend change in the global hospitality industry moving into China.

March 2012
Merchant and investment banking group, announces opening headquarter office in the historic Bund Finance Tower at the Bund.

MARCH 15, 2011
Evotech Capital releases 2011 hog-breeding industry report. Click Here for Sample

FEBRUARY 10, 2011
Evotech Capital releases 2011 agriculture industry report. Click Here for Sample